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Communication between parents and carers is essential to learning and development of children. Julie’s Childcare would very much welcome your input in all aspects of your childs learning and development- this is their journey so lets enhance it together!

Julie’s Childcare recognizes that parents are first and foremost the prime educators of their children. Therefore they promote an ‘open door’ policy, whereby they welcome and encourage parental involvement.

It’s crucial for your child that yourself and Julie’s Childcare work in partnership. This will give your child continuity of care, and they will not become confused with different standards of behavior and boundaries.

Julie’s Childcare appreciates that as a working Parent you will be in a rush to go to work, in the mornings and the evenings you may well be tired and need to go as quickly as possible, so Julie’s Childcare can use a daily diary for communications.

However, some of the parents have explained that they prefer to have a chat at the end of the day as they do not have time to read the daily diaries. I am also happy to communicate via What’s App or through a text message to let you know what your child has eaten, naps, activities, how they have behaved, etc. It is very helpful if you could let Julie or Gary know if your child has had a disturbed sleep, is not feeling well or any other piece of information that may help me to provide them with the best care they can.