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At Julie’s Childcare they believe it’s essential to provide children with good healthy eating experiences for their well being. Julie and Gary also like to encourage children to look at the long-term effects of a healthy and balanced diets. They respect all their different dietary, cultural and health needs of all the children.

Julie’s Childcare will provide a healthy menu containing all the nutritional requirements and dietary needs of children as they grow. If your child has any specific dietary needs or allergy, please let Julie’s Childcare know and they will accommodate this. Alternatively, you can provide meals for your child yourself. Julie’s Childcare provides healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Julie and Gary like to encourage children to choose healthy options and to experiment by trying new foods.

If you have any concerns regarding the menu and the food Julie produces please do not hesitate to discuss it with her.Children are offered water, milk or fruit juices. Julie’s Childcare does not allow children to have fizzy drinks. Sometimes the children are offered chocolate for special occasions. Please let Julie know what chocolate you permit your child to eat, if any at all.